The Atheist Christmas Coloring Book

Share the rational roots of Christmas in story and rhyme

The Atheist Christmas Coloring Book is a creative way for children of all ages to learn about the rational roots of Christmas in pictures and rhyme.

Whimsical art and insightful poetry allow families to understand the origins of Christmas, and see that many legends went in to creating it. Traditions, both old and new, provide unlimited opportunities for freethinkers to enjoy the season.

Values like joy, peace, sharing, and celebration are not limited to one faith or culture in December. The foundations of Christmas may be mythological, but the Spirit of Christmas is universal.

A secular Christmas coloring book for atheists, humanists, agnostics, and even grumpy Scrooge.

I’d love for you to share my book with others that might appreciate the wonder of Christmas without believing the Nativity story. The coloring book is for sale on Amazon shipped anywhere on Earth, bound and printed on nice stock paper, ready to enjoy. If you are interested in book but are not ready to purchase, here is a link to the free PDF for you to read in full and print it yourself.

It is a fun and informative rhyming storybook you can color!

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A note from the author

Christmas for Atheists?!?

Yes! No one religion or culture has a monopoly on sharing, caring, peace joy. Before and after the birth of Christ, wintertime “Christmas” traditions existed independently of Christianity. God doesn’t control the tilt of the Earth!

Christmas is part of our Western tradition. Over the centuries, local customs were adapted to bring Christmas to everyone, regardless of their faith, or lack of it. It has always been a special time of year across diverse cultures, and has spread far beyond the West to all corners of the globe.

Christmas can be equally warm and wonderful for Atheists as well as Believers, and for many of the same reasons.

Atheists can embrace Christmas as a mid-winter celebration with friends and family. It is a wonderful time to share family traditions and discuss the rational roots that keep your family strong. No need to reject everything Christmas just because of a few religious connections.

Believers might appreciate learning more about the origins of many popular Christmas traditions. It is interesting history.

My wish is that we all can agree to celebrate peace, joy, love, and hope. Merry Christmas!  -Rick.

Meet the Creators

Rick Marazzani is a geek dad, game guy, tech nerd, and objective thinker. He was born and raised in Martinez, California, and now lives in Oregon. Rick is a designer and producer of many hit games, and writes in his spare time. His freethinking family keeps him busy.

Claire Viskova is a Czech cartoonist and artist that celebrates Christmas, and avoids Krampus, with her secular family.

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